Ted Turner Expeditions’ (TTX) adventures are unrivaled. Imagine summiting your own private mountain range, the Fra Cristobals, located on Ted Turner’s Armendaris ranch, where you just might run into some Desert Bighorn Sheep. Or hopping on TTX’s Santa Cruz full suspension Tall Boy bikes and touring your own, exclusive “national park.” All of our adventure tours are led by private guides, carefully trained to provide a tailored experience to allow TTX guests to enjoy properties that rival the size of Rhode Island.

Our tours range from half and full-day tours departing from Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa onto the Ladder and Armendaris ranches, to particularly-tailored tours for those guests who opt for an all-inclusive experience staying at one of Ted Turner’s personal homes at Vermejo Park Ranch (in northern New Mexico) or the Ladder Ranch.

Below is a sampling of the tours currently being offered on our properties. Please visit www.tedturnerexpeditions.com or call 1.877.2TURNER for a full menu of tours and to learn more about our extraordinary tour offerings.

Armendaris Ranch


From $200 per guest*

Experience dramatic, panoramic views of Ted Turner’s 362,885-acre Armendaris Ranch on a compelling, guided driving tour to the summit overlook of the picturesque Fra Cristobal Range. Your excursion on the Armendaris provides you with a highly unique experience complete with stunning, desert landscapes and abundant animal and plant species.

At the summit, lofty views of Elephant Butte Reservoir and the Rio Grande corridor await – the prized pinnacle of this exceptional five-hour tour.

Your guide will be your escort to the top of the range.


From $200 per guest*

Moderate Fitness Level
Ted Turner Expeditions leads you back in time on a 5-hour hike in Spellmeyer Canyon.
The pristine nature of Spellmeyer Canyon exemplifies undisturbed beauty – a hallmark of Ted Turner’s ranches.

Your guide will help you locate marine fossils from an ancient seabed and navigate the rock scrambles you will encounter on this hike.
This five-hour tour provides a platform to contemplate the ever-changing environment of our home planet.

As with all tours to Ted Turner’s ranches, wildlife and Bison encounters are a very real possibility.


From $250 per guest*

Moderate fitness level
Summit your own private mountain range, the Fra Cristobals, and experience dramatic, panoramic views of the 360,000-acre Armendaris Ranch on an all-day adventure guided by a TTX team member.

The cross country passage covers just over three miles of ridge crest terrain with commanding views across the Chihuahuan Desert to the Continental Divide. At the summit, a bird’s eye view encompassing over sixty miles in every direction awaits. Stretching out before you will be the Rio Grande Valley, White Sands Missile Range, the Trinity Site, El Camino Real, Elephant Butte Reservoir, the Black Range, Ladder Ranch and the towns of Truth or Consequences and Elephant Butte.

Be among the few to sign the summit register and take part in a unique geocache experience- bring a small trinket for the geocache and plan on taking a small souvenir home left by others who have summited.

This eight hour tour is a great way to enjoy off-trail hiking and visit the highest point on the Armendaris Ranch, as well as experience the abundant animal and plant species.


From $200 per guest*

Easy fitness level
Spend the day exploring the undisturbed beauty of the vast Armendaris Ranch grasslands and desert mountain range, in pursuit of the perfect compositions and light on our Heritage and Photography Tour. This majestic landscape has seen the passage of countless Spanish pioneers along the Jornado Del Muerto section of the historic El Camino Real.
Your exclusive photo tour unfolds at your own pace to allow for the study of large scale landscapes and textural desert details. The unmatched long shadows and dramatic light of the southwest winter sunrises or sunsets are the ideal subjects for a photographer’s dream. Picturesque stops such as Lava Station, Lava Camp, Casa Grande and the Fra Cristobal Canyons are always guest favorites.

This southwestern safari crossing of open grasslands on the Armendaris Ranch provides extremely unique opportunities to photograph bison and unparalleled wildlife. We look forward to developing an itinerary which best achieves your photographic goals and connects you with the remarkable history of the Armendaris Ranch.

Ladder Ranch

Animas Creek / Ranch Heritage Tour

From $150 per guest

Take a step back in time onto the 156,439-acre Ladder Ranch with our Animas Creek and Ranch Heritage Tour. Experience the beauty of Animas Creek, historic Native American artifacts, ancient petroglyphs, and the photogenic ruins of a turn-of-the-century adobe home.
The pristine nature of the ranch also provides a unique opportunity to photograph the incredible and diverse wildlife from birds to bison that call Ladder Ranch home.
Choose from a three hour, or half-day (five hour) tour. Prices vary depending on length of tour.

Las Palomas North and South Loop Tour

From $200 per guest

Join us for a 5-hour tour of the pristine riparian habitat of Palomas Creek on Ladder Ranch, and experience why we at Ted Turner Expeditions feel that this is the perfect picture of the ecological conservancy that is the foundation of the Turner Ranches.

You’ll have the opportunity to hike through scenic rugged back-country that’s in a completely unaltered and natural state. The stunning scenery alone is a photographer’s dream, and you may even encounter fascinating wildlife along the way including Bison, Elk, Deer, Peccary (Javelina), and a host of other animals that call Ladder Ranch home.

Please note that the hike includes some off-trail sections and requires a moderate fitness level for this five-hour tour. Transportation to the Palomas Creek trailhead is provided.


From $250 per guest

Easy Fitness Level
The lush and diverse environment of the Ladder Ranch once provided a home to several indigenous cultures. Most prominent, are the ancient remnants of the Mimbres and Apache tribes that can be found throughout the ranch in the form of pictographs and petroglyphs. The tranquil settings of the Native American Rock Art sites on the Ladder Ranch provide an unrivaled opportunity to step back in time and reflect on the former inhabitants of this magnificent landscape on this full day tour.

Both novice and seasoned rock art enthusiasts will enjoy the diversity of the petroglyphs and the unique locations including canyon walls, loose boulders and small outcroppings of rock that provided perfect canvases for the rock art. Your archeological tour will also include a brief stop at Ladder Ranch Headquarters.


From $200 per guest

Easy to Moderate Fitness Level
The 156,000-acres of the Ladder Ranch provide endless opportunity to explore and photograph its exquisite wildlife, as well as hike its unbelievably vast terrain while experiencing the Ladder’s fascinating history. The Ladder Ranch is a private working bison ranch focusing on habitat conservation and wildlife management. With a diversity of formations and ecosystems including the Chihuahuan Desert, riparian habitats, open grasslands, volcanic cones, Rocky Mountain vegetation, adobe ruins, Apache battle sites and other ancient points of interest; there are endless opportunities for private guided expeditions for a wide range of interests, ability levels and ages.

Your tour can be custom tailored to fit your ultimate Ted Turner Expeditions experience. From searching for bison or the incredibly diverse wildlife on the Ladder (elk, deer, antelope, mountain lions, bears, etc.) to customized motor tours, mountain biking or hiking with your choice to focus on areas of interest such as photography, botany, biodiversity or archeology. The Custom Ladder Ranch Day Tour is the perfect way to relax and allow maximum flexibility in your itinerary to experience all this majestic property has to offer.

Half and full-day touring options are available.


From $200 per guest

Moderate to Strenuous Fitness Level

Ted Turner Expeditions is excited to announce the launch of our new mountain biking experience.

The expansive landscapes of Ladder and Armendaris Ranches offer several hundred miles of picturesque backroads and a network of IMBA-style single track rides promising to both challenge and delight bikers of all abilities. Your biking excursion includes the use of our fleet of Santa Cruz full suspension Tall Boy bikes.

With over a half-million acres of private land to ride, this tour allows you to experience the incredibly varied terrain of the Ladder and Armendaris Ranches with mountain biking experiences ranging from leisurely to longer, more challenging rides.

Customize your tour based on ability levels, the amount of miles desired per day and ages of your riders for a truly personalized experience. With endless network and travel opportunities on these ranches, new routes are mapped on an ongoing basis by our experienced Ted Turner Expeditions guides.

Mountain biking options include three-hour, half-day, full-day and even multi-day tours. Rest stops, meals and vehicle support will be planned accordingly.

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